For women that are deemed high risk for breast cancer, have breast implants or require further breast evaluation following mammography, a specialist may recommend an MRI scan – Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It involves using a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and computer technology to capture detailed images of the breast’s structure.

The procedure does not use ionizing radiation and the magnetic field is not harmful.


What happens during the Breast MRI?

You will be asked to complete a Safety Questionnaire prior to the procedure then change into a gown and remove all jewellery which will be locked away securely in a cupboard. If contrast is required during the examination a cannula will be placed in a vein before positioning for the MRI scan. This solution is safe however a blood test prior to the procedure is often performed to check your kidney function.

The procedure involves laying in the scanner on equipment which has two openings for your breasts. These openings capture information from the breasts and surrounding tissue to form the images during the scan.

The MRI technicians will give you earplugs to protect your ears from the knocking noise of the scanner and headphones to listen to music. At all times throughout the procedure you will have communication with the MRI technicians.

The whole procedure takes between 30 – 40 minutes and it is extremely important to lie still throughout.


Do I need to do anything before undergoing an MRI?

It’s important you inform our specialists of any implants, health problems, allergies or surgeries you have had – and if you are pregnant. Although the magnetic field isn’t harmful to patients it can cause some medical devices to malfunction, most orthopaedic implants are safe. If you do experience anxiety or claustrophobia from time to time please tell us so we can provide added support throughout the procedure.