Our Story

Recognising a gap in New Zealand for breast care that extended beyond just a diagnosis and procedure, we opened our doors in 1995 on a mission to provide a higher level of integrated breast care, support, and treatment. We’ve never looked back…

Mercy Breast Clinic specialises in assessment and treatment of breast lumps, breast pain, breast cancer and other breast health concerns as well as breast surgical procedures. We partner with our patients throughout their journey from initial consultation, through diagnostic imaging and diagnosis; all in one place. We believe all patients deserve a nurturing hand, listening ear and empathetic approach – no matter how small or serious their issue.

The approach to diagnosing breast problems or ruling out disease is often a complex one. This approach usually requires specialist input, the integration of symptoms and imaging results. At Mercy Breast Clinic we aim to provide you with the best possible breast care through a "one stop" clinic experience where you can undergo tests (e.g. mammogram and/or ultrasound scan – the choice of tests depends on your age, breast density type and your presenting symptom) and gain a result  as well as have a biopsy arranged and/or be assessed by a breast specialist surgeon if required – all under the one roof.  Results from your tests can then be correlated together and interpreted with your actual symptom to best arrive at a diagnosis and management plan.