For all your X-ray needs, Mercy Radiology Epsom at 98 Mountain Road uses digital systems that create instant images. Depending on the complexity of the X-ray, results can usually be accessed by your referrer or GP within 24-hours. For those X-rays that follow trauma or are required prior to a specialists’ appointment, results can be obtained in around 15 minutes.


We accept walk-ins, however, to avoid waiting should you arrive during a busy period, we encourage bookings via our simple online booking system.  All general X-rays require a referral from your health professional which you must obtain before booking and bring this with you to your appointment. 

New Zealand Immigration related X-rays are available at our Westgate, Rosedale, Warkworth and Auckland City branches, while our Rosedale and CityMed accept both Australian and New Zealand Immigration X-rays.  For Papua New Guinea, you can visit our Westgate, Rosedale, and CityMed.  For the USA, our CityMed branch will be able to serve you.   

Ensure that you have all the requirements with you before coming to our clinic. 


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