Recognising a gap in New Zealand for breast care that extended beyond just a diagnosis and procedure, we opened our doors in 1995 on a mission to provide a higher level of integrated breast care, support and treatment. We’ve never looked back…

At Mercy Breast Clinic, we believe all patients deserve a nurturing hand, listening ear and empathetic approach – no matter how small or serious their issue. Our multidisciplinary clinic allows our team of professionals to form close bonds with everyone who visits us. We journey with patients from initial consultation, to imaging testing and diagnosis, all on the same day and all in one place. This greater level of support enables us to ease concerns, support those feeling anxious about results and also reduces patients’ time spent going backwards and forwards between GPs and medical specialists.

We are a clinic for all, specialising in assessment and treatment of breast lumps and pain, breast cancer, breast health concerns for women and men and breast surgical procedures. Our industry leading technology ensures all mammograms and ultrasounds provide the most accurate results for our patients’ comfort and peace-of-mind. Our dedicated breast imaging service being part of Mercy Radiology allows us easy access to our adjacent site for Breast MRI,CT/PET CT and also to medical and radiation oncology at Mercy hospital.

Our support network extends beyond our people to the environment we work in. Our Epsom clinic is tucked down a quiet street, has plenty of parking and is warm and inviting – a home away from home. Our waiting room and change facilities are separate to our reception area, providing greater privacy and enhancing opportunities for one-on-one interaction between our patients and specialists.

Welcome to Mercy Breast Clinic, we are proud to join hands with you.