Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, visit the Pay a Bill page to pay now using your Credit Card. You will need your invoice number handy.

We also welcome account payments through internet banking. Our bank details are as follows:

Bank: ANZ

Account number: 01 0210 0227676 00

Reference: Please place your Mercy Visit Number and Surname as reference

Is there a charge for my obstetric/pregnancy scans?

Mercy Radiology has a fee for some obstetric scans, but not all. Please phone our customer care team for information on exam types.

When should I expect the results?

Your referring doctor should receive the results of your examination as soon as possible.

Is it ok to have a small drink or snack if I’ve been told not to eat or drink anything before my procedure?

It is imperative that you do not eat or drink anything, even chewing gum, if you have been told that you cannot eat or drink before your procedure. Doing so can affect your procedure and may result in you needing to rebook it.

For Immigration X-ray, where are they available and what do I need to prepare?

New Zealand Immigration related X-rays are available at our Westgate, Rosedale and Auckland City branches, while our Rosedale and CityMed accept both Australian and New Zealand Immigration X-rays. For Papua New Guinea, you can visit our Westgate, Rosedale, and CityMed. For the USA, our CityMed branch will be able to serve you.

A Referral is not required for Immigration-related X-rays. Ensure that you have all the requirements with you before coming to our clinic.