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🌟TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Meet the superstars of Mercy Radiology giving you excellent care 🌟

Meet Philippa, Mercy Radiology Sonographer.

With a passion for science, and in particular biology, throughout her High School years, Philippa soon found herself gravitating towards a profession in radiology.  

Your Role

“I take images using specialised ultrasound equipment to help doctors make or confirm a diagnosis. It is a specialised role which requires an excellent understanding of both medical terminology and human anatomy. I work directly with patients to obtain relevant information, and collaborate with the radiology team (radiographers, mammographers and nurses) to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

Patient Care

“The most rewarding part of my role is patient care. Radiology and ultrasound technology is amazing, but for me it’s all about the patients. If I can turn a daunting and scary experience into a good experience, I feel I have done a good job. We only have a short period of time to develop a rapport with our patients, and it is very rewarding when a patient leaves happy and at ease.”

Memories at Mercy

“Mercy has a great team of people and it’s these people who have helped shape my favourite memories. This includes the excellent teams in CT, CityMed and RAD1 who all welcomed and supported me when I joined Mercy, the many great ultrasound clinical supervisors who prepared me for life as a sonographer, and all the great people I get to work with now.”

Outside of Work

“Outside of work I enjoy travelling and running. I have completed three marathons and am well overdue for another! I look forward to travelling overseas again, particularly a trip home to Ireland to catch up with family and friends.”

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