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TEAM SPOTLIGHT:  Meet the superstars of Mercy Radiology giving you excellent care

Meet Dale, Team Leader at Westgate, Northcare and Takapuna.

Dale has been a valued member of Mercy Radiology for over thirty years and takes care of the day to day running of three of our branches.

Dale’s Radiology Journey:

“I have wanted to work in radiography for as long as I can remember. It was suggested to me way back in high school and from that moment I was hooked. I trained at Auckland School of Radiography then went on to work at Auckland Hospital. I took a seven-year break to raise my three children and came back into the workforce at Mercy Radiology. Thirty years later I’m still here and I still enjoy my job as much as when I first started.”

Working in Radiology

“I love interacting with people and helping the medical team get a diagnosis for our patients. I try my best to make it a relaxing and smooth experience, explaining the process and what I am going to do to get the best images that can go to a patient’s medical provider as quickly as possible. There are very few people out there who don’t appreciate our role in their journey and for that I am thankful.”

The Past Year

“Covid has changed the way we work but not so much that I can’t still enjoy interacting with patients and colleagues- it just looks a little different. The biggest change has been wearing a mask which makes it a little harder for our patients to see us smile, but we still try and create the same friendly experience and hopefully that comes across!”


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