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TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Meet the superstars of Mercy Radiology giving you excellent care

 Meet Amy, Mercy Radiology CT Imaging Technologist.

 Amy’s radiology journey began with an interest in IT, before studying Medical Imaging, all of which led to her joining our Mercy Radiology team eight years ago.

 Amy started as a General Radiographer and now works with CT.


Why Radiology?

“I wanted to work with computers, and I was thinking about studying IT. One of my uncle’s friends told me about his daughter who had studied a Radiographer course, and this interested me. Working as a Medical Radiation Technologist means working with different technologies and people, so I feel I am making a difference in people’s lives every day.”


Becoming an Imaging Technologist

 “I studied for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Imaging at UCOL (University College of Learning) in Palmerston North. This took three years of study as well as clinical experience at Middlemore Hospital.”


 A CT Radiographer

“Our work requires us to be highly skilled. We need to learn and understand some highly technical things such as the contrast media and IV cannulation, anatomy, and pathologies. We also need to know how to utilise the CT machine, safely so that we can provide optimal images to a radiologist to report the diagnosis. I find every day rewarding.”


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