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New Zealand’s most advanced PET-CT has arrived

We have expanded our state-of-the-art digital PET-CT offering with the arrival of New Zealand’s most advanced digital PET-CT.

Now available at Mercy Radiology Epsom, the digital PET-CT scanner from United Imaging offers exceptional image clarity for superior detection, diagnosis, and treatment of health issues, particularly in oncology, cardiology and neurology patients. 

United Imaging is the leading provider of digital PET-CT worldwide. 

Dr Remy Lim, Medical Director at Mercy Radiology says; “As the only digital PET-CT service provider nationwide, we are very excited to be adding a second, even more advanced digital PET-CT to our current fleet. 

“Following the installation of New Zealand’s first digital PET-CT at our Milford branch in early 2021, our teams have seen firsthand how this technology is a game-changer in capturing higher resolution images and improving small-lesion detectability.

“Our latest PET-CT scanner also has the longest scan coverage of any PET scanners in New Zealand, translating to a faster scan for maximal patient comfort.

“When compared to traditional PET-CT, digital PET-CT provides superior clarity, sensitivity and efficiency, resulting in earlier detection and treatment, and ultimately better outcomes for patients.”

Our dedicated team of specialist PET radiologists are experts in capturing and analysing digital PET-CT images.

“Our services combine state-of-the-art imaging technology with our expert human teams to deliver the very best patient care,” says Dr Lim.

“Digital PET images are further enhanced with AI technology to aid our dedicated team of PET/CT radiologists in providing accurate disease diagnosis and staging.”

Access ultra-fast, high-resolution imaging with Digital PET-CT, located at Mercy Radiology Epsom (98 Mountain Road) and Milford (129 Shakespear Road).

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