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Accessibility to mobile PET-CT scans is now within reach.

Mercy Radiology and Mobile Health Group are positioned to increase patient accessibility to PET-CT scans by delivering Mobile Imaging - Australasia’s first mobile PET-CT. This will see thousands of cancer patients benefit from the arrival of innovative mobile diagnostic technology while helping to improve access to healthcare for priority populations, which include provincial and rural areas.

Accessible to both public and private patients, Mobile Imaging will be on the road in mid-2024 and transported across Aotearoa, New Zealand, in regions with high demand and locations with limited access to a permanent facility.

Mark Eager, Chief Executive of Mobile Health Group, says, “While PET-CT imaging is becoming increasingly available in metropolitan areas, it is unlikely that a permanent fixed installation will be available outside of larger urban areas. There has been a call to provide a mobile PET-CT service for several years to address the inequity of access to scans. Mobile Imaging is about providing patients with accessibility and removing barriers such as travel expenses or the inability to travel due to ill health.”

Eager adds, “We have developed this joint venture with Mercy Radiology, which is bringing their expertise to the areas of need by providing equity of access to cancer care. Mobile Health Group is providing our experience in delivering mobile health vehicles. We are currently working with Te Whatu Ora to establish the sites to visit and a contract.”

The mobile PET-CT unit can conduct traditional CT scans. However, patients who receive a small amount of radiotracer can have a more advanced hybrid PET-CT scan (Positron Emission Tomography). Positron emission tomography is a highly sensitive imaging procedure used to study specific areas or the whole body. The country has six PET-CT scanners: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch. Although several other sites are planned, around half New Zealanders live outside these cities.

Dr Remy Lim, Medical Director of Mercy Radiology, says, We recognised that there is a geographical barrier to accessing a PET-CT facility. Regional New Zealanders are often expected to travel significant distances between their homes and the closest PET-CT facility. As a result, people who live in regional centres are more likely to encounter barriers to early assessment and treatment monitoring for their cancer. Your region should not matter when accessing your PET-CT scan.”

Dr Lim adds, “Patients onboard the mobile unit will also have an advanced digital PET-CT scan, which produces superior images for a more accurate diagnosis and disease evaluation. The digital PET scanner is a major step from old analog PET cameras. Another innovation is that a PSMA PET-CT scan, used to identify the extent of prostate cancer, can be safely produced onboard the mobile unit.”

Being the first mobile PET-CT in Australasia, Dr Lim says that many are watching the mobile concept with interest. Partnering with Mobile Health Group enables us to focus on the digital imaging side and quality of service without worrying about logistics. Mobile Health Group is an innovative organisation with the clever ability to come up with solutions to every challenge. It gives me confidence to deliver mobile PET-CT while improving accessibility for New Zealanders.”


About Mercy Radiology

Mercy Radiology, owned by Healthcare Holding and Radiologists, is an industry-leading provider of diagnostic imaging services with locations throughout New Zealand. It has pioneered many significant advancements in radiology, including being the first practice to install an MRI scanner, offering 3T bore imaging, and offering private mammography services. Mercy Radiology has also led molecular imaging with a first-ever dedicated PET-CT facility at Epsom, Auckland.

About Mobile Imaging Limited

Mobile Imaging is a joint venture between Mobile Health Group and Mercy Radiology. We are uniquely positioned to provide a mobile PET-CT service for New Zealand.  Learn more about our mobile PET CT imaging at

For further information, contact:

Jessica Fagan, Molecular Imaging and Theranostics Operations Manager [email protected]
Mark Eager, Chief Executive, Mobile Health Group [email protected]



















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