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Marissa has a cancer history in her family and that’s why she carries out an active and preventive care of herself.  At mid 40's, she started getting annual mammograms. 

"This is something simple, something I owe to myself, my family and friends, and something that gives me peace of mind.  I also  know that getting regular screening tests can catch some cancers early, when they’re small, have not spread, and/so easier to treat.”

Whilst the real causes of many cancer may be unknown, she believes that there are ways within our hands to lower the risks of dying from it at an early stage or at a prime stage of your life.  “In my case, it’s about being good to yourself with healthy food choices, not missing my annual medical exams, and keeping away from unnecessary stresses”, says Marissa.

Marissa also added that she still gets a level of wariness each year that she does her mammogram because it still involves breast compression, but she found the latest technology called tomosynthesis more comfortable than the traditional mammogram.  It also helps when the technologist assisting you have gentle hands and makes you feel at ease all throughout the process.  “I had my latest exam with Mercy Radiology, and I immediately felt comforted that a radiologist was on site to read my report straight away, and within 10 minutes, I was cleared of potential cancer.  That gave me immediate peace of mind.”

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